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Securely rent genomic data to researchers,
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How it works

Researcher places order

Researchers filter for the data they need, and for how long they want to use it.

Order automatically processed

Easy, hands-off process. Based on your consent controls, the transaction goes through.

Money in the bank

We'll pool the money and send it all off to you at the end of every month.

You're in Control.

Ongoing consent controls

Set what you’re comfortable with, and our system handles the rest. Decide what categories of study you would like to participate in, and for how long.

Legalese, simplified

Yeah, we hate things being hidden in the fine print too. Nobody really has time to sift through those. We’re completely upfront with how your data is used, and we want to make sure you’re aware of it. We keep it simple so that’s made easy.

Encrypted transactions

Every transaction is encrypted via AES-256. On top of that, once the anonymized data is with the researcher we ensure it’s used ethically, not shared with other parties without your express permission, and only accessible for the requested period.


Absolutely free.

We’ve all been there. Neck-deep in expenses, bills. That’s why, from the start we decided to make our kits free so anyone, no matter their financial situation can take part.

We cover all the costs. Whether that’s the shipping of kits, sequencing and storage of data - it’s on us.

How do we pay for it? We simply take a portion off every transaction, while also allowing for our donors to make a sizable passive income.

Our Goal

Putting research profits back into the hands of the people.

To join us on our mission, we're bringing on 500 donors for the next batch of sequencing.

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